Sharing and Printing Photographs

We are all attending family reunions this summer. How can you easily and economically share and print those photographs? Even the odd sizes?

Your solution is: Persnickety Prints. Not only can everyone view your photographs, they can select to print. The prints are not only wonderful, they are viewed for full bleed so you don’t have the “white edges” without that conscious choice. Who knows, you might even receive a handwritten note with your order!

For you digital scrapbookers-great prices on 12 x 12 and 8 x 8 sizes also.

Have a wonderful Independence Day!

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Finally Understand…

It only took me a year, but I finally made a connection. I didn’t realize that the Fitz Alan family took on the name of Stewart in Scotland. I had the two families from another researcher, but they did not pass on the connection and it never made any sense. This past weekend, while reading a book on the Stewart Family of Scotland, the author connected them. Thank you!

The search goes on.

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As I research my ancestors, I find myself wanting to not only trace their paths, but also walk in their footsteps. On a recent trip to visit my son and his family, we drove to San Francisco for a day. My 3rd great grandfather had an office in SF at 712 Montgomery Street. We found it-a block away from the Transamerica Building.

Dr. John Allen Veatch Office/Home

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My Lifetime Challenge

This blog is to chart my path through my genealogy research and “brick walls”.  I noticed that Faith Sisters has issued a new challenge to begin in the New Year. It is “My Lifetime” Challenge. I plan to work along the challenge and will post my successes and failures of genealogy research.

If you have wanted to begin your research and wasn’t sure how to do so, join us for the fun!

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